When playing casino games and slots, it is inevitable that you will suffer a loss, either by making an obvious mistake during a hand or doing everything right and running into a “bad beat”. How you react to this loss is the most important thing. While some players might be able to take it in their stride, others can struggle to move on, which can impair decision making and mindset thereafter.


Put the loss into context


Losing a spin or hand is a part of the casino experience. It is nigh on impossible to win everything during a game of poker or blackjack, or at a slot machine. That is because these games can be very unpredictable. There are no guarantees that you will win a hand even if you have very favorable odds right up until the “river” or final bet. And even when you think you’re onto a winner, another player can pop up with a hand that is even better.


Instead of stewing on a loss, try to focus your attention fully on the current hand. By trying to make the best possible decision in each moment, rather than thinking what could have been, you can get over losses quickly and push forward with the aim of winning a hand or spin and making up the deficit.


Don’t chase losses


However, while recovering lost money is obviously preferable, it shouldn’t be your sole focus. The desire to chase losses can be very risky for a player as it is possible for things to spiral out of control very quickly. If things are going against you, try to minimize your losses and make smart plays rather than going all out to win big. Players that are self-disciplined are generally better gamers as they don’t go on “tilt” when they lose.


Take a short break


One way to put a loss behind you is to take a short break to clear your head of negative thoughts. This is easy enough when playing slots as they are generally solo experiences where you have full control over your play style and frequency of bets. In poker, it can be tricky if you are in a tournament. The best solution is to become risk-averse for a short period. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and then return refreshed.


Reduce bet sizes


Being more thoughtful with your bet sizes is a good rule to follow regardless of whether you have won or lost a spin or hand. New players who have recently activated a Casino Bonus Code to get the latest offers at casino sites will probably benefit from being more conservative with betting to begin. This is also a useful tactic to fall back on if you have made a glaring mistake. Take another look at your bankroll and bet small to restore your confidence.


Finally, experienced players will not always look at a loss as an inherently bad outcome. They will use it as a learning experience and take positive things from it to potentially beat a specific player or the house in the long term. By moving past mistakes in the short term, you can give yourself a better chance of making money in the long term.